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About Us

Arkie Mallard Calls was founded by Ron Davidson after his retirement as a Timberland Manager with International Paper Company in 2001.  Ron spent his 35 year career working with timber and natural hardwoods.  Ron is an avid hunter and fisherman.  It was a perfect fit that Ron would become a duck call maker with his love of duck hunting, hardwood timber and fine craftsmanship.  His primary influences were Mark Smith, professional pool cue maker, and Terry Williams, wildlife artist.

Ron's daughter, Missy (Melissa), and Chad Caldwell began working with Ron making Arkie Mallard Calls.  They were trained in every aspect of call making by Ron for a couple of years prior to Ron's full retirement.  Chad has spent his career with Georgia Pacific, also in the timber industry, and is an avid hunter. 

Bryan Caldwell (Chad's brother), who is also an avid hunter, worked with Chad and Missy for a couple years making Arkie Mallard Calls.  Bryan and his wife, Debi, took over the business in the Spring, 2015.  Bryan and Debi worked with Ron, Missy and Chad during the transition and will continue producing the high quality personalized, engraved wooden duck call that you've come to expect from Arkie Mallard Calls.