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How To Place an Order

To place an order, go to the page entitled Duck Calls and select which design you would like to order.  Once you have decided on the design, click on the photo of the design.  

Next you will select which wood you would like. You can see the woods available and camo on the page entitled Woods/Inserts.  You can choose a solid wood (cherry, maple, unstained maple or walnut) or solid camo. Select the wood you would like from the drop down menu.  

Next you will select which color of insert you would like.  The colors available are black, bourbon, clear, green or smoke.  A sample of these are shown on the Woods/Inserts page.  Select which insert you would like from the drop down menu.  All inserts are double reed unless a single reed is specified. We normally have a few single reeds in stock.  If you prefer a single reed, select the color from the drop down menu and then specify in the comments section that you would like a single reed.

The next selection will be the text that you would like to appear on your call. There are three lines available for text.  The text for Line 1 will appear on the top band. The text for Line 2 will appear just below the top band.  The text for Line 3 will appear below the design you have chosen.  You do not have to put text on all three lines.  If you would only like text on the top band (i.e. LAST NAME, HUNTIN BUDDY, DUCK SLAYER, etc.) and no other text on your call, that is fine.  You may have text on one line, two lines, three lines, or any combination of the three lines.  We will make the call however you wish.  Insert the text you would like added on the appropriate line desired.  If you do not wish to have text on one or more of the lines, leave that selection blank.  

We have added a new camo call to our collection!  If you would like a camo call, you will select the camo option from the Insert drop down menu.  Next you will complete the information for the text as described above.  

Once you have selected your call and completed the options, you will click add to cart and complete the checkout process.  You may pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

If you have a custom design that you would like on a call, please email your design to us at  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!